What do you know the most about Thanos?

What do you think you know most about Thanos?

Thanos is an American Marvel Comics supervillain. The immortal race is created on Titan and extremely powerful. He has unmatched endurance, strength in the face of adversity and agility. His skin is nearly indestructible to heat, cold and electricityas well as radiation, poison, ageing, cancer and various other ailments Once Upon A Time Cosplay Costume He won’t be immortalized by the curse of the Goddess Of Death who is his secret admirer. However, he will live without food.

Thanos is immune to the majority mental attacks, and can unleash plasma or energy waves or cosmic energy with his eyes and hands.

However, Thanos is still a strategist who has knowledge that is far beyond the capabilities of the earth’s technology. He rides a floating chair, which has an offensive weapon and can traverse the entire length of the Milky Way. Once , he was the Tesseract and Infinity Gauntlet Persona Costume

Thanos was once part of an immortal family who lived among the Titans. He was banished from the tribe for some reason. As the power and control of his desire grew, he embarked on an adventure to the universe, during which he met the goddess of Death. He began to demolish the town to win the blessings of the Goddess. He then received the Tesseract which had incomparable strength. The Tesseract’s strength allowed him to strike at the Earth and the Earth’s heroes were not able to stop his plans for destruction. He defeated Captain America and the Avengers easily.

Captain America has convinced Thanos that he was depleted of the power of Tesseract. The sceptical Thanos left the Tesseract immediately, and Captain Marvel (Marvel) was successful in obtaining the Tesseract. After running out of the energy of Thanos, the universe returned to its normal state and Thanos was beaten back to his hometown which is where he began his journey through energy. He was later rescued by his spaceship “Shelter II” .

Thanos’ Appearance, Dressing and His Persona:

Purple rind, with an impressive chin with a vertical shape, and strong body. Usually , they wear the blue and golden look with golden shoulders with gold short boots and a blue-and-gold helmet with gems on the head. The Thanos helmet is not adorned with gems, comics “Thanos Rising”, and others. The Thanos boots are short blue boots with gold rims.

A dictator who is oppressive is a cruel, brutal and disgusting person who does not have a concept of death.

Cosplay of Thanos, is it the best idea for Halloween?

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