Tiger Kigurumi Onesie Review

Tiger Kigurumi Onesie Review

Tiger kigurumi is gaining popularity for its unique animal pajamas inspired design. The designer has created a long-legged sleeper specifically designed for adults. The product is known as the “Oneesie” and has been in production since 2020. This designer brand provides adults with a variety of options that allow them to express their inner animal while maintaining their comfort level. While the standard twin size is available, there are other sizes available as well including California King, and other sizes of teachers.

The basic design of the tiger onesie consists of a loose-fitting body hugging garment with two slits for headband and paw pads. There are numerous color options and patterns available for your custom design. The product will feel like a stuffed animal with the ability to move around and interact with others easily. The adjustable shoulder straps allow it to be adjusted from any comfortable position for your own personal comfort level. The product also has a headband for additional support and comfort. The soft material and easy to clean surface allow this item to be used by children as well as adults on a daily basis.

In addition to the regular colors, this designer brand offers many different patterns and designs that will make your party a hit. The “Baby Onesie” is a popular pattern and is used as the base for most of the designs. The bright colored pattern has a pink and red baby safety lock as the main characters. The “Sail Away” design is another option and features a bright green sailboat with different colored sails for the characters to move along on. Other party accessories include the magnetic ear bumper to keep baby’s ears safe while they sleep and the matching headband for that extra touch.

One of the unique features of this unique and comfortable baby costume is the loose fitting materials allow you the flexibility of movement while maintaining style and comfort. No matter what the size, the ones fits snugly without constricting or pulling on the body. It is designed with a snug fit around the waist and through the legs. The material also conforms to your growing child so that the costume never looks like a mismatch. This material keeps you and your child comfortable and gives them the opportunity to move freely and have fun at their party.


The Tiger kigurumi costume comes in two sizes with one having the pink and red pajama animal kigurumi design. While the second size onesie comes in the classic black color with solid black stripes and a solid “Tiger” design. Both are machine washable in cold water and with a few gentle touches, can be worn multiple times. When washing and drying the costume, you may need to hand wash with the delicate cycle, because they are not made for dry cleaning. If you are worried about them wearing out, allow them to dry on a low heat setting.

The Tiger kigurumi onesie is the perfect gift idea for any child and is a gift you will want to remember for years to come. The unique and design makes a wonderful gift for a friend or even a family member. If you want to make this one of a kind costume, make sure you know the size before ordering. If you know the correct size but are still having trouble finding the right design, then shop on the quickview website. Here you will find a large variety of high quality designs as well as ready to put together costumes that include all the items you wish to add such as the removable ears, nose, eyes, and tail.