The Unicorn Onesie Review – A Witty, Sweet and Cute Kigurumi

The Unicorn Onesie Review – A Witty, Sweet and Cute Kigurumi

A Unicorn Onesie Review is a little bit of an unbiased look at this new movie from Netflix and Hulu, The Book of Fables. The movie revolves around three little girls who are told that they have magical powers. So, they set out on a mission to find the source of their mysterious powers, and this journey also involves them getting into some heavy-duty teenage angst.

unicorn onesie review

I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It’s a very imaginative movie full of fantasy and magic that kids of all ages will enjoy. One thing that I thought was really neat was how realistic the unicorns looked, especially the orange ones. These little girls definitely look lifelike, which is important for a movie aimed at younger kids.

The movie follows the everyday lives of three teenage girls living in the City of London. The main character, Apple, has always been bothered about her pink hair, but when her best friend decides to get herself a new hair color, Apple decides to join in the fun. This leads to them meeting a vampire who may not be part of the villain, Verence, the one who tries to stop them from saving everyone in the city. This movie is packed full of a lot of witty one liners, which makes it easy to laugh at, but at the same time, it may make you think a bit deeper than your typical kids movie.

The Book of Fables has a lot of great elements to it, especially for a kid’s movie. For starters, the animation is great. The movie utilizes computer animation rather than hand drawn cartoon for the most part, which is very noticeable in the fight scenes. There is also a fair amount of special effects, although I don’t think they’re actually necessary. The little girls are also cute, although I think most little girls would prefer to be played with than looking like their favorite characters in the movie.

Speaking of little girls, this movie is targeted towards them. Although there are some adult jokes aimed at them as well, they are not as blatant as you would find in some older cartoons for kids. The movie is also appropriate for children who are in the age group of five to seven years old. The violence and sexual content are presented in a way that is age appropriate.

The unicorn onesie is one of my personal favorites among all of Disney’s little girl entertainment. It is one of those shows that will bring back memories for a lot of kids, especially those who had already seen the original one on Disney Channel. My little daughter still gets excited when she sees that familiar smile on my niece’s lips each morning. It makes me happy just to see her smiling back at me every time.