My Top 5 Favorite Cowgirl Onesie Pajamas

My Top 5 Favorite Cowgirl Onesie Pajamas

Have you seen those Cow Kitty onesie pajamas? I bet you have. Those are one of my favorite things to crochet. I make them for both boys and girls, friends or family members. Here is my wish list for this year’s Christmas holidays.


First, I would like to mention that if you purchase the animal print or animal pajama color combination in your Cow kigurumi onesie pajamas you will have two free animal pattern coupons. The coupons are located in the bottom left corner of your stitch work. They are easy to find and give you instant savings on the perfect size of animal print or pajama color combo to use in your next project.

Second, I would like to mention that if you purchase the Animal print pajama or animal themed kigurumi onesie pajamas in the future you will save a significant amount of money because you now only need to purchase the animal print and not the other material. This makes these party animal pajamas even more versatile and affordable for everyone. If you only need to wear them once for a birthday party or other get together consider making a pair for each child in the group. Then have a matching set ready for every child when they arrive home from school or daycare. This will also cut down on clean up time.

Third, on my wish list I would like to mention that you can also make these items in smaller sizes. If you have some extra fabric scraps or old material from projects like your kid’s crib or dresser, you can use that to make smaller sizes of these adorable onesie pajamas. If you are looking for a cost effective way to stock up on the smaller sizes then this is an option to consider. The cost savings for this will be less than the cost savings for buying a second hand item at a yard sale or thrift store and you will also be able to keep the same style of material.

Finally, on my wish list I would like to mention that because the material is so thick and bulky it provides a great deal of support and padding for those crawling, standing and kneeling. I have personally worn cowgirl onesie pajamas since they were originally designed and they are extremely comfortable and supportive. If you have ever suffered with leg cramps or knee pain you know just how much relief they provide and you can get great comfort and support for your body.

This is my wish list for women who are interested in Cowgirl Onesie Pajamas but want to avoid the bulk and material that are often associated with them. If you don’t mind loose fitting materials and prefer a more feminine style then the Kigurumi line of products are for you. By purchasing these items you will not only be providing warmth for yourself but adding fashion as well. So, which one is your favorite?