Chicken Onesie Kigurumi for Adult Cosplay

Chicken Onesie Kigurumi for Adult Cosplay

Have you been fascinated with the latest craze in kids costumes – the Chicken Kigurumi Onesie? I am glad you have been because after seeing the videos on YouTube, I was truly amazed with the skill of its creator, Mairgan Couture. The Chicken Kigurumi Onesie is definitely a work of art and it will surely make any Halloween costume looks more adorable. You will just need to remember a few guidelines while making your own. I will also give you a few ideas on how to make it better.


The first guideline is to use a very soft material so as not to make it too scratchy. Get cozy with this special quality pajamas/pyjama style CHICKEN hide which comes with an attached hood. This Kigurumi requires that you sew on the attached hood using a small amount of stuffing. The large baggy construction of the animal pajamas ensures that there’s plenty of room inside the waist and chest area.

The second guideline is to make sure you have a good mix of stuffing and throw rugs. With the Chicken Kigurumi Onesie, you must create a very light yet thick blend of stuffing. Since it is supposed to cover the head, you need to make sure it is snug enough without being too tight. If you fail to blend the stuffing well, then you will notice that parts of the fabric become wavy, which makes it less than cute.

The third guideline is to sew on a matching hood or headband. When it comes to completing the costume, the accessories play an important role in completing the overall look. The hood or headband you choose to put on will set the mood for the rest of the outfit. In addition to being sure that it matches the overall theme of the costume, the particular headband or hood also symbolizes your character. The Kigurumis are often equated with foxes, so if you are creating a disguise for one, then getting a matching headband or mask is a must.

The final step is to put on your chicken pajamas. If you want to be more authentic, then you can opt to wear white pajamas with the brown or black color of the chicken headpiece. To finish it all up, you can put on some black boots. This completes your cute, but cuddly chicken costume! However, if you prefer to be different, then you can always go for long pants, a white shirt, and your favorite hat. With these simple pieces, you can transform yourself into the cutest chicken ever!

So now that you know how easy it is to complete a cute costume, why not go out and enjoy it? After all, this is your chance to feel like a kid again! So go ahead and grab your chicken kigurumis and show everyone what you can do! And don’t forget to share the pictures on your social media pages! Just be sure to tag the appropriate photos so you won’t get a blank page!