Adult Party Costumes For Disney Characters

One of the most popular party themes for adults is the Disney Onesie Party. The theme of this party is perfect for adults who want to be like their favorite Disney characters while they celebrate an event with their friends and family at home. One can also choose a Disney adult party theme based on the common characteristics of children’s dragon costume or the Care Bear costume. Both are perfect for a fun adult party and will surely bring out the child in you.


A Care Bear Adult costume will make the animal look really cute. It is mostly worn by the bears in the movie as they are usually children’s bears. This adult party theme comes in different colors, so you need to make sure that your guests will all be comfortable wearing it. You can either add patchwork to the clothing or just buy the uniform and leave the other decorations up to the other decorations.

For the dragon costume, there are many choices for you to choose from. There are two types of costumes available: the standard one and the premium dragon costume. The standard one will have all the features of the original, but it will be white with black accents. The premium dragon costume however will have different clothing colors and will feature a robe that will extend to the knee. It will also come with a headband, but you need not worry about the rest of the attire since it is made only for the character.

Another animal-themed adult party theme that would fit right for the Disney theme would be the pirate party. You can find many pirate costumes that feature the usual attires of pirates, including the skull mask and hat. The animal print dress, though, is a bit different from the typical pirate image because most pirate costumes today are more cartoon-like in nature.

Some other adult party costumes for Disney characters would be the fairy or princess party. The usual Disney princesses are Disney princesses, after all, and therefore would make an excellent choice for your adult party. You can find the typical dresses like the one seen in the movie, along with some cute fairy wings that you can use as accessories. Aside from that, though, you can also have your guests wear the Cinderella costumes. You will be able to find these costumes in pink or blue, depending on what period of time your party is. The only thing to keep in mind about the fairy costumes is that they should be long enough so that the girls can reach their feet while dancing.

These are just a few of the adult party costumes for Disney that you can find. If you want, you can just look at the featured articles in the site to get some ideas. Just remember that a party does not only mean having fun; it is also a way for you to let out your inner child and let her come out sometimes!