Glamorous Watches–Recommendation For Two Ladies Watches

Now follow us and let’s have a look at two ladies watches, you will surely fall in love in them!

Breguet Naples Queen 8999BB/8D/874 DD0D
Breguet is a divine noun in our heart, and nobody could replace its statues. The elegant design, and graceful appearance gives every Breguet watches unique from others. Some watches, although we could not have it right now, should be appreciated. This Naples 8999BB874/DD0D has 143 beautiful diamonds on its out bezel, just like the moon and sun. The crown has amazing water-drop on it. The upper space appears to be a romantic sky, showing the date and night. Balance rotor represents sun while the titanium metal represents the moon, just like a smiling face that sends the best regards to your. They revolves around in the 24 hour time scales. The upper side is the hour and minute dial when the blue hand steel is applied to display the changes of time.

Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A37172
Light, swift and smooth–this is Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A37172. Rose seems to have strong connection with Piaget and in the many piaget replica watches, the graceful rose appear. In this Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A37172, the rose booms in the 39 mm dial, and the flowers made of 18 k rose gold is fitted with 155 round diamonds. The skeleton watch witness the passing of time. It is not only melted with flowers, the charms of rose could be resistant. With the rose gold and the mother of pearl, Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A37172 looks perfect in its appearance. In energy, it is fitted with a 56 P quartz movement that is waterproof to 30 meters. Quartz movement is quite easy for ladies, as it gets rids of the process of winding it up. Leather belt is more soothing, and touches wrist perfectly.