A Look At The Brand-new Home-made Chronograph From TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer already makes one of the best chronographs under $10,000 in the caliber 1887. Stephen reviewed it here, and found it to offer really a tremendous amount of technical virtues not just for the dollar, but in general. The movement is much more expensive than its real value, and Tag Heuer continues its way. About the day before yesterday, at its brand new manufacture in Chevenez (we’ll get to that later), we were shown an entirely new caliber that, to me, shows just how serious this company is about its future as a high-end chronograph manufacture. The Caliber 1969 is a gorgeous new caliber, designed and developed completely in-house, and it hits all the right notes for me. Why? Let’s continue.

The existing Calibre 1887 is terrific movement. Of course there was a little drama around its unveiling in 2009 when TAG Heuer claimed it to be a home-made movement. To be honest, this is not a home-made movement, if we are talking about conception, as the design of the movement was purchased by TAG Heuer from Seiko, so it is not authentic a home-developed movement.

It means nothing to me, and I think that Tag Heuer does much better in this field than Seiko, and thus it allows Tag Heuer to develop its own movement and it goes ahead of its competitors in developing its home-made movement. I didn’t mean to say something bad about Tag Heuer, because it did throw a lot of money and tons of efforts in developing it. Patented oscillating pinion with column wheel, for example, is developed by Tag Heuer and the moment watches with it hits the market, it gains tremendous popularity. So this movement is by no means a toy. In the SIHH, Heuer showed us the new movement that appears to be amazing, and stunning.

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